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Perry Planning Group was created to provide experience in the areas of financial services, investment management, and risk management to our clients. Our formula is simple. First, and foremost, we take time to get to know our clients. As Advisory Representatives of Lincoln Financial Securities, our professionals gather as much information as our clients feel comfortable providing us about their family, finances, goals, risk tolerance or any other information that will help us create what we believe to be the most suitable plan for them. We take that information and thoughtfully create a holistic financial plan. With our assistance, we strive to help our clients implement all aspects of the plan. After the plan is implemented, we continually monitor whether or not the plan continues to meet our client’s goals. This process is ongoing and requires us to stay in close contact with our clients throughout their lives. We look forward to getting to know you.

Our Commitment

We will always strive to know every pertinent aspect that we can about our clients and the most current changes that are occurring in their lives. Our professionals offer planning recommendations and the ongoing management of our client’s investment accounts will be based upon the most current information we can obtain about our clients. We want our clients to always feel comfortable calling us for all of their financial needs and partnering with us to find what we all believe to be the most suitable solutions based on the goals of our clients.

Our Principle

The main principle of our professionals is to provide recommendations and services to our clients that are based upon a thorough understanding of our client’s total financial picture relative to their financial goals.

Please email us, contact us through our website, or call us at (919) 210-0970